Established in 1994, The EDM Shop was founded by Franz Klarer Sr. with the mission of providing electric discharge services with consistent quality and timeliness at a competitive price.

Franz Klarer Sr.’s history with Electric Discharge Machining (EDM) dates back to the late 1960s. Born in Switzerland, he served his apprenticeship with George Fischer, the developer of AGIECUT, the first commercially usable wire EDM machine controlled by a numerical control unit. In the 1970’s, he helped bring the technology into the mainstream in America, working as a service rep for George Fisher. At the time, Franz Sr. found himself explaining the benefits of EDM technology to skeptics who did not buy into the idea of cutting metal with electricity. In 1977, he recognized the demand for this technology and founded Swiss Wire EDM in Costa Mesa. His superior work brought in his first client, Hewlett-Packard. After building a successful enterprise, Franz Sr. sold Swiss Wire EDM in 1987 and moved on to other ventures. He became a mentor to others to build their own successful organizations. Eventually, he found himself yearning for the desire to get back to his roots of EDM, leading to The EDM Shop. Today, the Klarer name is synonymous with quality and expertise in the industry.

While his father worked with the prototypes of modern EDM technology, young Franz worked alongside him learning the tricks of the trade. Over the years, Franz Jr. realized that he had a passion for EDM and wanted to continue in the family business. He received his business degree from Pepperdine, while working as a full time employee. In 2012, he officially assumed ownership of The EDM Shop.

The EDM Shop uses the most reliable technology to give clients what they need with the highest level of precision and quality. From medical parts to power generation, to tool & die and injection molding, to race car engines and satellite components, The EDM Shop meets the needs of their clients.