Our Story

Franz Klarer, Jr. was raised in the shop.

While his father worked with the prototypes of modern EDM technology, young Franz worked alongside him learning the tricks of the trade. By the age of 14, Franz realized that he had a passion for EDM and wanted to continue in the family business.

Franz Klarer, Sr. was one of the original pioneers of electric discharge machining. In the 1970’s, he brought the technology to America after working in Switzerland as a service rep for Agie. He saw a demand for this technology and eventually founded Swiss Wire in EDM in Costa Mesa. His superior work brought in his first client, Hewlett-Packard.

At the time, Franz Sr. found himself explaining the benefits of EDM technology to skeptics who did not buy into the idea of cutting metal with electricity. Today, the Klarer name is synonymous with quality and expertise in the industry. 


“I have no problem saying we’re the best at what we do.” 

– Franz Klarer, Jr.


After receiving his business degree from Pepperdine, Franz Jr. transitioned to a full time employee. In 2012, he officially assumed ownership of The EDM Shop.

While there are others who offer the same service, The EDM shop reigns supreme above the competition.

The EDM Shop uses the most reliable technology to give clients what they need with the highest level of precision and quality.

From medical parts to power generation, to die mold for race car engines to components of the Mars Rover, The EDM Shop meets the needs of their clients.

“We make what makes the world go round,”  he said.